Hand Massagers by Breo


In the fast paced modern life, finding moments of relaxation can be a luxury for many. However, the power of touch and massage, after a long day cannot be understated. To cater to this, Breo offers different kinds of hand massagers that allow users to relax their hand muscles anytime, at their convenience. These innovative devices promise not only to ease the strains of daily life but also to enhance your overall well being with the touch of a button. 

Following are the complete Breo hand massagers collection elaborated in detail. 

How Breo Hand Massagers Work

Breo hand massagers are easy to use and designed to soften and revitalize hands. That said, the brand has used traditional, ancient health philosophy and pairs it with modern design. 

Here are 3 hand massagers by Breo.

Breo iPalm520Pro Hand Massager

The iPalm520Pro hand massager comes with heat compression technology to help increase circulation and relieve stress. 

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Here are some more features of the iPalm520Pro hand massager.

  • Provides comforting heat to the hand at 98F or 107F. 

  • Promote healthy blood circulation.

  • Soothe the muscles.

  • Reduce hand fatigue, cold fingers and hands. 

  • Decrease discomfort, soreness, and numbness.

  • Give regular and proper stimulus to the palm.

  • Increases range of motion for joints.

  • Increases the delivery of nutrients to tissues.

To benefit from all of this, buy Breo iPalm520Pro Hand Massager just for USD 79.99.

Breo iPalm520E Hand Massager

This iPalm520E hand massager is crafted with Shiatsu techniques and built up with intelligent compression, acupoint massage, and soothing heat. 

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Below are some key features of the product.

  • Provides comforting healing to hands from 98F to 107F.

  • Reduce hand fatigue, soreness, and cold fingers. 

  • Alleviate numb fingers.

  • Reduce joint soreness.

  • Promote healthy blood circulation.

  • Reduce carpal tunnel discomfort.

To take a spa experience massage buy Breo iPalm520E Hand Massager just for USD 89.99.

Breo WOWO S Hand Massager

WOWO S professional electric hand massager combines air pressure and heat compression technology to knead the entire hand and palm to stimulate the acupoints. This also enhances moisturizer absorption, helping to cure dry skin and treat mild to moderate wrinkles. 

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Here are some more benefits of this device.

  • Designed with the heated massage technology.

  • Relieve the hand and fingers of any kind of soreness.

  • Reduce stiffness and symptoms of carpal tunnel.

  • Increase circulation with a waving rhythm.

  • Helps to effectively compress the entire hand and palm to promote blood circulation.

  • Protect against joint pain.

To relieve hand aches, buy Breo WOWO S Hand Massager just for USD 99.99.

These all are hand massagers to enjoy your relaxation journey with Breo. Your hands will thank you after a long day of typing and working as the hand massager melts away aches, arthritis pain, and stress. All the products of the brand are certainly cutting edge, crafted without compromising the past as the brand design for the future.

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