Blogify: Your Blog Writing Partner


Blog writing is a time-consuming job. It requires good knowledge of the subject, and creativity to make it attractive and engaging so that people read the whole content piece. If you are a writer generating content every day, writer’s block is not unknown to you. Writing when you don't feel creative or productive enough can be a tiring job and sometimes we wish we had someone to assist us while we do excessive research or write an attractive blog, this is where your wish came true and Blogify was created.

What Is Blogify?

Blogify is an AI writing tool that takes care of all the hassle of writing, creating, managing, and optimizing your blog content for you. It has a lot of features to generate a catchy blog with different tone settings, so if you are running a small business and don't have enough budget to hire a writer or if you are an influencer wanting to interact with the public via blogs then this is the tool you need. Blogify generates content that will reach and engage with your audience resulting in the growth and marketing of your product/business.

Here are some key features and functionalities typically offered by such a platform:

Write Without Limits

Tools like these usually have a limited word count or they ask for an upgrade for more words. With Blogify you can have an unlimited word count which makes it convenient for you to generate as many words as you like. Your content can be a short video description or Instagram caption or it can be a descriptive blog, all for the same price as the package you have subscribed to.

SEO Optimized Content

To rank your content on Google, you need to make sure your content is SEO-optimized. With this tool, your content is not only optimized well but you also get suggestions for hashtags and keywords that you can use to ensure top rankings on Google.

Good Content Strategy

When writing a blog for you, Blogify creates a content strategy, that divides your blog into segments, where relevant information is added. It gives a clear content outline with headings and subheadings for easier navigation through the article. This way the bounce rate on your website reduces as the reader finds what they are looking for and then engages with it.

Url To Blog

Don't waste more time watching podcasts and long videos and noting points rather use Blogify as it can covert podcasts into blogs, All you have to do it find a relevant podcast and use its URL to get all the necessary points from it, and generate a blog packed with the authentic information for the topic while improving the efficiency and readability of the content

Auto-Pilot Or co-pilot

If you are one of those who like to add a personal touch to your content then blogify has a feature for you. You can either generate complete content by AI, with outline and headings or you can add or edit content as you like. This feature provides a flexible and powerful content creation solution, allowing users to benefit from the efficiency and accuracy of AI-powered content creation while still maintaining control over the creative process.

Posting and Scheduling

This tool doesn't only write content for you but it does a lot more. From generating content to optimizing, to posting Blogify has got you covered. You can either directly post the content on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also schedule the post for the future so that your content uploads at the right time without any delay and ensures audience engagement.

All These Features For What Cost?

There is a free trial for all the features for three days after that you can subscribe to one of the different packages. Subscription fees for these packages by Blogify are;

Lite: In this package, you can get 10 blogs per month with 50 credits for $4.99

Basic: When you subscribe to this package you get a credit of 150 and can generate 20 blogs per month for $19.99

Premium: The premium package allows to generate 60 blogs in a month with a credit of 300 for $39.99

Business: This package comes for $49.99 and you get 500 credit points and 100 blogs per month

Enterprise: This package allows you to generate 200 blogs with 100 credits for $99.99


Blogify is a great tool to assist you in your blog writing process, so now you don't have to give more time to research and make strategies. It'll handle everything for you from writing, editing, and finding the right keywords, to posting. It is now a matter of a few minutes and some clicks and your high-quality content is ready.

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