Top 4 Polaris Ranger Accessories


The Polaris Ranger is a versatile utility task vehicle (UTV) designed for off-road use. If you like adventures and you like riding then taking Polaris Ranger to a terrain can be one of the things you like. Kemimo stars in making the best UTVs, it`s been more than a decade since 2012 when Kemimoto launched their first vehicle, and ever since they have been updating and upgrading releasing models with the latest technology and high public demand.

26.5L Under Seat Storage Box for Polaris Ranger XP 1000

Keep your essentials safe and dry with the waterproof and dustproof design of the under-seat storage box. Whether you`re navigating through muddy trails, crossing rivers, or battling dusty terrain, the under-seat storage box has got you covered. Its robust and weather-tight construction can withstand even the most extreme conditions, providing unparalleled protection for your valuable gear.


  • Waterproof seal to keep your stuff clean and dry

  • Grab handles allow you to carry it easily

  • Your items remain safe and protected with an anti-theft lock

  • Stable feet so that it stays at its place and don`t slip



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Upgrade your ride with the 26.5L Under Seat Storage Box, now only $159.99

Rear View Mirror for Polaris Ranger 500/570/900 XP S/1000 XP

The Polaris Ranger rear view mirror is made with durability and convenience in mind. Secured with sturdy screws, it remains firmly in place even on most terrains with rugs. The innovative ball-joint design allows for a full 360-degree rotation, providing adjustability that is unparalleled. To achieve the perfect viewing angle all you have to do is loosen the thumb screw, adjust the mirror to your desired position, and then tighten the screw to secure it in place without the need for any additional tools. This thoughtful design ensures a clear and unobstructed view behind your vehicle, enhancing your safety and driving experience."


  • Its ball-joint design allows it to rotate 360 degrees, you can put it in the required position easily

  • 10" x 4.7" convex rearview mirror ensures there are no blind spots

  • The Shatter-Proof Tempered glass is designed to absorb impacts without breaking 

  • Firm design of the view mirror prevents any loosing and breaking



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Revamp your ride today with the Rear View Mirror for Polaris Ranger 500/570/900 for only $29.99

UTV Waterproof Seat Cover For Polaris Ranger XP 1000/ Crew

Experience protection and comfort like no other with the Kemimoto Polaris Ranger seat cover, expertly crafted from heavy-duty 1680D Oxford fabric. This robust cover shields your seat from water, mud, and dirt, featuring a water-resistant backing and exterior coating that prevents scratches from kids and pets. Enjoy ultimate comfort and peace of mind as this seat cover withstands wear and tear, ensuring your Ranger`s interior remains sleek and pristine.


  • This cover protects seats from water, mud, and dirt.

  • The cover is stable and tight which means it doesn`t crease or remove

  • The pack Includes two bottom seat cushion covers and one back seat cover.

  • It is so easy to install and even easier to remove


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Experience the difference with UTV Waterproof Seat Cover For Polaris Ranger, priced at just $143.97

UTV Pro-Fit RGB Side Mirrors with Lights for Ranger/General/Defender (1 pair)

Upgrade your UTV`s visibility and style with the Pro-Fit RGB Side Mirrors with Lights. They are designed for Ranger, General, and Defender models, featuring RGB LED lights for enhanced visibility and a customizable look. The durable construction with a robust arm and adjustable mirror head improves rear visibility. It is easy to install with a direct fitment design, and the ability to synchronize RGB lights with other LED lights on your UTV, making them perfect for trail riding, hunting, or utility work.


  • You can easily control the lights with an APP and voice control mode.

  • See traffic and pedestrians in strong light with the blue light filtering lens

  • The mirror folds in to avoid damage if it hits trees or walls while parking.

  • Ultra-thin clamps fit most windshields securely and are adjustable.


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Get UTV Pro-Fit RGB Side Mirrors with Lights for $89.99


Make your Polaris rides better with these Kemimoto accessories. These add-ons are durable so they last long and their reliability makes them a perfect choice to accompany you in your adventures. 


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