Best-Selling Games By G2A


People love playing PC and video games because these games are fun and exciting to play. Games let you explore new worlds, solve puzzles, and challenge yourself. Plus, you can play with friends or make new ones online. also known as G2A, is a website where you can buy and sell digital stuff like video games, codes, and software. It is based in the Netherlands but has offices in Poland and Hong Kong. People from 180 countries, more than 25 million of them, have used G2A to get games and gaming products.

G2A Top 3 Best-Selling Games 

Games like Tekken, GTA Five, and Dark Souls are top sellers on G2A because these 3 games are super popular and loved by gamers worldwide. Tekken offers intense fighting action, GTA Five lets you explore a vast open world and do all sorts of crazy things, and Dark Souls challenges players with its tough but rewarding gameplay. People flock to G2A to grab these games because these games are thrilling and provide hours of entertainment.


Here are G2A`s top 3 best-selling games:


Tekken is a thrilling fighting game where players control diverse characters, each with their unique fighting styles and moves. Set in different global locations, players engage in one-on-one battles to become the ultimate champion. With stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Tekken offers intense action and excitement. Whether playing alone or with friends, Tekken provides endless entertainment for gamers of all skill levels.


Game Play

In Tekken 8, being aggressive pays off with the new `Heat` gauge system. It rewards players who attack rather than defend. There`s a revamped `Heat Smash` system and a new `Heat State` that changes how characters move and deal damage. The game is more visually exciting with stage destruction and character reactions. Also, players can only heal by attacking opponents, and combos are extended differently from before.


Key Features 


  • Experience enhanced and more immersive gameplay with Unreal Engine 5.

  • Enjoy iconic fighters such as Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King, and Lars Alexandersson.

  • Discover completely redesigned character models, built from the ground up.

  • Explore the new Heat gauge system, designed to benefit aggressive gameplay tactics.

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GTA Auto 5

GTA Auto 5 is an open-world action-adventure game where players explore the fictional city of Los Santos. Set in a sprawling landscape, players can engage in various activities like heists, races, and missions. With its captivating storyline and diverse characters, GTA 5 offers endless opportunities for adventure and mischief. From driving fast cars to causing chaos in the streets, players can experience the ultimate sandbox playground in GTA 5.


Properties And Vehicles

In GTA 5, players can own properties like the Maze Bank West Executive Office, Paleto Forest Gunrunning Bunker, and Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory.

In GTA 5, players can drive vehicles like the Dune FAV, Enus Windsor, and Pegassi Vortex.


Key Features

  • Enhance your virtual business with substantial in-game currency.

  • Immerse yourself in a lively and event-rich open world.

  • Optimize weaponized vehicles for superior performance.

  • Collaborate on missions with friends for rewards and recognition.

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Dark Soul 3 - Deluxe Edition 

Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition immerses players in a dark and challenging fantasy world. With enhanced graphics and additional content, players embark on a journey to defeat formidable enemies and unravel the mysteries of the land. Explore intricate environments, engage in intense battles, and uncover hidden secrets. With its deep lore and punishing gameplay, Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition offers a thrilling and rewarding experience for players seeking a true test of skill and perseverance.


Game Play

In Dark Souls III, you control your character from a third-person view, like in classic RPGs. You`ll use a variety of weapons, items, and magic to face tough challenges and enemies in the dark world of Lothric. Rest at bonfires to heal or sip from your estus flask. The new combat system includes special weapon skills for powerful attacks. Every swing of a heavy weapon and sneak attack sends shivers down your spine. Prepare for hours of intense gaming with Dark Souls 3.


Key Features


  • Explore an enigmatic storyline through rich NPC interactions.

  • Choose from an extensive selection of ten character classes.

  • Arm yourself with a diverse arsenal of weapons and items.

  • Master challenging combat and face complex boss fights.

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G2A offers popular games like Tekken, Dark Souls III, and GTA 5, each with unique features. Tekken boasts intense one-on-one battles, Dark Souls III challenges players with its demanding combat, and GTA 5 offers a vast open world. People love G2A for its variety, affordability, and easy access to their favorite games.


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