Newly Launched 3D Scanners by Revopoint


We are living in a world of technology where 3D scanning has become a need as 3D scanners are the most efficient and cost-effective way to scan real-life projects. To facilitate best quality 3D scanners, Revopoint stands as a global pioneer in consumer-oriented 3D scanning technology, dedicated to making 3D scanning accessible to people around the world. The brand has recently introduced three new additions to its lineup of innovative scanners. These scanners boast unique features and capabilities, designed to meet the demands of various industries and users.

Here you can find the newly launched 3D scanners offered by Revopoint.

The latest Collection of 3D Scanners of Revopoint

Revopoint is renowned for its cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions, the brand has recently unveiled 3D scanner additions to its array of innovative scanner collections.

MIRACO 3D Scanner 

The MIRACO 3D Scanner is a revolutionary device that combines precision and portability. Featuring high resolution scanning capabilities, for small to large objects. This handheld scanner is ideal for capturing intricate details with remarkable accuracy. 

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Here is the complete detail of the MIRACO 3D Scanner.

  • High-resolution scanning of big and small objects.

  • Portable and handheld design for on-the-go scanning.

  • Comes to scan a single frame.

  • Offers up to 2 hours of Scanning

  • Precision 0.05 mm accuracy. 

  • Offers two capture single shot and continuous modes.

  • Allow up to 15 fps.

  • Comes with a 48-megapixel RGB camera.

To avail of these features buy MIRACO 3D Scanner just for $1,429.00.

MINI 2 3D Scanner

Equipped with advanced scanning technology, this scanner delivers fast and accurate results, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. This compact yet powerful, MINI 2 3D Scanner is designed for versatility and ease of use. MINI 2 offers Fast and accurate scanning for various applications, suitable for product design, manufacturing, art, and archaeology.

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Here are the more features of this MINI 2 3D Scanner.

  • Allows to capture tiny details.

  • Comes with advanced blue light 3D scanning.

  • Offers single frame precision accuracy of up to 0.02 mm.

  • Offers fast 16 fps scanning speeds.

  • Allows WiFi 6 and USB type C connectivity.

To get professional-grade performance in a compact, buy MINI 2 3D Scanner just for $912.00.

RANGE 2 3D Scanner

The RANGE 2 3D Scanner is a device that pushes the boundaries of 3D scanning technology. With its long-range scanning capabilities, this scanner is capable of capturing large objects and environments with exceptional detail and precision. 

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Below are more features of the RANGE 2 3D Scanner.

  • Comes with single frame precision of up to 0.1 mm.

  • Offers a depth RGB camera resolution of 2 megapixels 

  • Comes with up to 16 fps scanning speed.

  • Offers 400  to 1300 mm working distance.

  • Single Capture Area at Furthest Distance: 860 x 1380 mm at 1300 mm ·

  • Constructed with only 253 g weight.

  • Provide 860 x 1380 mm at a 1300 mm distance for a single capture area.

Buy RANGE 2 3D Scanner that provides unmatched performance for demanding applications just for $799.00.

These are the newly launched 3D scanners by Revopiont to offer unparalleled performance for a wide range of applications. Whether you are working in architecture, construction, or virtual reality, these 3D scanners are ideal for you. With exceptional detail and precision for professional applications, these 3D scanners are Ideal for fulfilling your needs.

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