Best-Selling Yoga Sets By Shakti Warrior


Wearing yoga sets can significantly transform your practice into easily doable exercises while doing yoga. These sets are designed for comfort and flexibility which allows you to move freely and stay dry during your practice. By wearing appropriate yoga clothing, you can focus more on your poses and alignment, rather than adjusting uncomfortable attire. Ultimately, wearing yoga sets makes sure that you have the right set that fits your body to fully engage in your yoga practice.


Shakti Warrior makes sustainable fashion that's stylish, and durable. This brand cares about the quality of its products and believes in ethical fashion, equality, and the environment. Shakti Warrior designs and fabrics are made to help you push your limits and live a positive life. From design to manufacturing, the brand strives to give you quality.

Shakti Warrior Best-Selling Yoga Sets

Shakti Warrior is the brand that manufactures yoga sets that will keep you fit to do your yoga exercises easily. The fabric stretches in all directions and fits snugly but bounces back quickly to its original shape and looks great. 


Following are the Shakti Warrior best-selling yoga sets:



The Jaya Yoga set is made from a special AUMlux fabric, known for high performance and making you feel comfortable and beautiful. The high waistband, minimal stitching, and four-way stretch fabric provide both support and a flattering fit. The fabric feels luxurious and soft against your skin, ensuring comfort during your practice or wherever you wear it.


Below are the details of the Jaya Yoga Set:


  • Four-way stretch fabric for motion and shape retention.

  • Strawberry red color for a vibrant look.

  • Super soft, smooth, and luxurious feel.

  • Laser-cut designs on leggings.

  • Breathable fabric keeps you light and dry, anti-chafing construction.

Available in red and purple colors, and comes in various sizes.

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To have a vibrant color yoga suit buy this Jaya Yoga Set priced at $99.



The Mia Set is a top-notch athletic performance and activewear outfit that's essential for your workout wardrobe. It includes four-way stretch fabric for better movement and a super soft design that keeps you dry. The Sports Bra offers extra support when you need it most, and the Shorts are shaped to flatter your body and allow easy movement in any exercise routine.


Listed are the details of Mia Set:


  • Four-way stretch for flexibility.

  • Soft, smooth, luxurious feel.

  • Flattering shape with a high waistband.

  • Breathable, keeps you light and dry.

  • Removable padded sports bra.

Available in only blue color and various sizes.

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To have a set for summer buy this Mia Set priced at $90.



Introducing the new Ayana hoodie set, perfect for lounging or meditating. It's the most comfortable outfit you'll ever own. The shorts are loose and airy, and the hoodie is a snug and comfy fit. The fabric of this set is luxurious and feels incredibly soft against your skin.


These are the details of the Ayana Set:


  • Super soft, luxurious feel.

  • Relaxed fit shorts for comfort.

  • Hoodie top for maximum comfort.

  • Breathable fabric keeps you dry.

  • Soft, anti-chafing seams.

Available in only black color and various sizes.

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To have a hooded-style set buy this Ayana Set priced at $85.



The Anita yoga set isn't just the best for performance it's also perfect for wearing anywhere with its beautiful floral design. The high waistband and stretchy fabric support you and look great. The fabric of the set makes it feel luxurious and comfy against your skin.


Mentioned are the details of Anita Yoga Set:


  • Four-way stretch for flexibility.

  • Super soft, luxurious feel.

  • Flattering leggings.

  • Supportive sports bra.

  • Breathable fabric keeps you dry.

Available in only green color and various sizes.

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To have a cool set of yoga suit buy this Anita Yoga Set priced at $81.


Shakti Warrior is dedicated to creating yoga sets that blend comfort with performance. Their designs are stretchable to provide flattering shapes and good support. With a focus on comfort and support, these sets are perfect for yoga practice. Shakti Warrior sets are designed to uplift your yoga experience with style and functionality.


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