All About Intry Careers


Searching for a job can be challenging, it can seem like an emotional rollercoaster for many people. Whether you are updating your resume, preparing for an interview, or even reaching out to a potential connection, it can be overwhelming without support and motivation. Fortunately, you have a platform to solve all your issues in regard to the job hunting process. Intry Craeers is a platform that guarantees to help you get more job interviews and increase your chances of getting hired. 

Here are the complete details regarding Intry Careers, how it works, and why it is best for you. 

Why Intry Careers 

Intry Careers is a platform that works for people who are troubled with sifting through countless job postings and feeling overwhelmed by the job search process. If you are one of them then look no further than Intry Careers. 

The platform revolutionizes the way people navigate the job market, by making the job search more efficient and tailored to unique skills and preferences.

How It Works 

Intry Careers simplifies the job search process by utilizing advanced technology to match you with the perfect job opportunities. All you need is to optimize your resume and unlock opportunities to accelerate your career. 

Here are a few steps to streamline your job search.

Personalized Profile Creation

Upload your existing resume or add the information that highlights your skills, experiences, and career goals manually. This will create a digital profile which will be used to create your ATS Resumes.

Take the Career Assessment

To determine your strongest work characteristics and most compatible work culture, you need to take the TrueYou Assessment. This brief questionnaire, featuring simple yes or no questions, is designed to provide personalized insights with no right or wrong answers. Your results will help you write your summary on your resume and prepare for job interviews.

Tailor your ATS Resume For Each Job

To effortlessly tailor your resume for each job application, you need to upload your existing resume or add the information manually. Create an ATS Resume using the ATS Resume Generator for each job you apply. Copy and paste any job description from a website, the Intry Career tool will automatically identify missing skills and keywords, ensuring your resume stands out to recruiters and applicant tracking systems.

Select Your Preferred Design

To optimize your job search, select from a range of professional resume templates. Download your favorite design, and utilize the new ATS Resume of Intry Careers to apply for jobs. These visually appealing templates not only leave a lasting impression but are also coded strategically to ensure your resume successfully navigates applicant tracking systems, reaching the hiring attention of the manager. 

Plans of Intry Career

Here are a few plans by Intry Career every plan includes some common benefits for their users such as:

  • ATS resume creator to create and download ATS compatible professional resumes. for multiple job applications.

  • ATS resume generator to customize your resume for each job by analyzing job descriptions for missing keywords and adding them.

  • True You career assessment to discover your work strengths, areas for growth, and ideal work culture, then apply insights to job interviews.

  • Unemployment verification to track job applications and employment status to download a work search log for unemployment benefits.

  • Digital profile to organize information, skills, and work experience to create multiple custom ATS resumes.


Here are the popular plans by Inrty Career 

Yearly Plan

Offers unlimited ATS resumes, just for USD 33.33 per month with a value of USD 99.99 billed every 3 months.

Most Popular Plan 

Offers 100 ATS resumes just for USD 49.99 per month with a value of USD 49.99 billed every month.

Monthly Plan 

Offers 10 ATS resumes Just for USD 39.99 per month with a value of USD 39.99 billed every month.

Start your career with Intry Career and choose a plan that meets your needs, all of these plans come with an anytime cancelation facility. Whether you are exploring career options or as a professional seeking new opportunities, the platform is your trusted companion for achieving your career goals.

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